I know, until I have the spoons to shower I’ll make a new Minecraft world.

Bones Keep, let’s go.

Trying so hard to will myself to draw, but my arms are just limp noooooodles!

A different rabbit that is not Mr. Brow.

This one just sat there glaring at me.

These baby birds really picked the prefect time to start fledging! Our trees were all blooming and pretty, so they just hid out with the flowers staring at me like I’m a crazy person as I took pictures of them.

I thought I would have gone to bed around 6am this morning and still be up in time for Dog park play/pictures. Buuuut clearly it’s 2pm and I’ve been up for 19 hours and wow my back is killing me.

Must give up on today and just sleep, sleep, sleep. Time to pass out.

I have been working on AJ Ferret for 8 hours? really??

I have been a busy girl this morning. Took a lot of attemps but I finally got something down that I liked.

Even did an emote sheet to really get a good feel for AJ Ferret!

Also wow. I am just realizing how stupidly big my tits are now that I’m trying to draw them.

Awkward moment where I realize I have to refind my “furry style”. Seems I’ve lost my feel for it all, nothing consistent is sticking.

There we go. Loaded that Queue on the dog blog nice and fat. It’ll post a new set of pictures every hour to help the “spammy” problem that people whine about.

I’ll try to get out to the dog park tomorrow. First we have to run to petco and get dog food and look into a seat covers/hammock since we have a brand new car. Last thing we want is them getting it all dirty with their first ride!